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Mere om produktet

Skorpion 160 E is a stationary disc chipper used to shred sawmill edgings, branches, tree trunks up to 160 mm in diameter.

The cutting system of Skorpion 160 E consists of a disc equipped with two cutting blades, working with two counter knives. The cutting knives life  has been optimized by their double-sided sharpening, which allows them to be rotated by 180°, resulting in twice the length of their use. All the knives are made of appropriately selected tool steel and subjected to professional heat treatment. In addition, the chipper disc also fulfills the task of a fan and ejects produced chips through the ejection tube, which can be positioned in any direction at a full 360° radius.

The chipper is driven by electric motor of 37 kW.

The chopper is equipped with a hydraulic propulsion system for feeding the material, driven by its own hydraulic pump.

Safety of the operator of a chipper is ensured by a cable safety switch  attached, which - by pulling the cord in any direction - causes the hydraulic feed system to stop immediately. Unlocking the system takes place by first pressing the "Reset" button before pressing the "forward" button to return to the normal operation of the chipper. Stopping the feeding might be also effected by pressing the "EMERGENCY STOP" button. 

The machine is equipped with an electronic control system which  automatically prevents overloading of the cutting system by temporarily stopping the feeding. This system has a built-in hourly meter.

The wood chips obtained through the chipping process can be used for direct combustion in furnaces, for production of compost, for decorative purposes and, after repeated shredding in hammer mill, as a raw material for production of briquettes and pellets.<

Teknisk specifikation



Overall dimensions (length x width x height) [mm] 2530 x 1560 x 2400
Weight [kg] 900
Branch diameter [mm] 160
No of knives 2 cutting + 2 counter-knife
Feeding speed [running meters/min] up to 33
Chipping capacity [stère meters/h] up to 12
Chip width [mm] from 9 to 11
Feeding unit hydraulic feeder
Disk diameter [mm] 550
Hopper dimensions (width x height) [mm] 285 x 165
Type of drive elektric engine
Main engine power [kW] 30


Equipment included:

  • Control switchbox
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • Adjustment of height of ejecting the chips
  • Rotary chimney 360°
  • Elektric anti-stress system


Additional accessories on request:

  • Extension of the ejection tube